Dec. 19th, 2010 12:16 am
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You saw nothing. Nothing at all.


Aug. 28th, 2006 06:21 pm
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*loads guns*

*sneaks about*

Boogie time

Apr. 9th, 2004 01:34 pm
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Doo do do do do do DOO! *boogies*
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::nudges puppets::

Oi. Do something dammit!! I have actual things to do now, so why aren't you bugging me?
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What I would like to know, is what is it with the random people commenting to my puppets?

I mean, I don't mind them doing it, because obviously, said puppets will answer in an appropriate and polite manner.

But you know, it's a bit much when there are 5 random people in the last week and one of them gives your puppet a link to a site about swords and knives.
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AHAHAHA so many things I should do and so much apathy in the mix.

BUT there was something.

wait it will come back to me.



AH YES. right no wait a minute

uhhhhh aha Coming soon. More page for http://mespt.herdivineshadow.com AND something of a crazy family tree type affair perhaps. Or a photo album deal. OR something. Something interesting at least. Maybe I'll cop out and just do icons. ehehe.
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I seeem to be the only dashingly handsome and witty man in this community with an actual page.

Therefore I must be doubley attractive to all you sexy ladies out there.

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I know I shouldn't.

However, I am sorely tempted to put all the icons I have made for my puppets on my puppetses site.

I have... rather a lot methinks.
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so. once the dns stuff finishes and i have some time, alone where no one is telling me that people might call (when i know they won't. no one calls us) I will sit down and upload the bits i want to upload, and work out some kind of post for all my puppetses

and then i will rearrange my friends lists so i can read more of the active puppetses
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to puppetses or not to puppetses that is the question.

I want another puppetses. But I do not know who. I may poll on this.
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so like my exams are over so maybe i will have more time for mespt. or like. my brain will be able to think of things
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you are fingolfin!
You are Fingolfin, the second son of Finwe and the
first son of Indis, so you've got Vanyar blood
in you. You're brave and valiant and strong,
but in the end, the Balrog killed you. :( But
hey! You reigned longer than Fe-fe did.

Which son of Finwe are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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best blonde joke ever

oh yes.
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